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1a232de... by scoder on 2015-11-08

disable PyPy special casing in proxy.pxi for PyPy 4.0

e3cb59d... by scoder on 2015-10-09

remove legacy code

7ac4b49... by scoder on 2015-10-02

Merge pull request #175 from jwilk/spelling

fix typos

b1e8104... by Jakub Wilk on 2015-10-02

fix typos

981a760... by scoder on 2015-09-30

add pypy bug tracker link as comment for the work-around

7f98e37... by scoder on 2015-09-30

use simple Python unicode subclass for smart string results in PyPy (crashes with a stack overflow exception otherwise)

c7a3cad... by scoder on 2015-09-30

update error messages

11e7f9a... by scoder on 2015-09-23

propagate SAX exceptions immediately in HTML parser (used to continue parsing)

20a9a8e... by scoder on 2015-09-20

modernise import

e4b7a5a... by scoder on 2015-09-18

enable travis testing with Py3.5