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43eaecb... by Simon Sapin on 2012-06-17

Fix documentation link to etreepublic.pxd

The file has moved to src/lxml/include in

a957959... by scoder on 2012-06-09

added build option to enable cygdb debugging

99ae441... by scoder on 2012-06-09

added .hgignore file

1988032... by scoder on 2012-06-09

quick fix for compilation in old libxml2 versions - to be revisited

b097967... by scoder on 2012-06-09

code format

2260f8d... by scoder on 2012-04-24

use _MultiTagMatcher in iterwalk()

ba07885... by scoder on 2012-04-24

simplify interface for passing multiple tag selectors into element iteration methods

00def23... by scoder on 2012-04-24

minor import cleanup

b42b5f0... by scoder on 2012-04-24

minor code cleanup

0029e9e... by scoder on 2012-04-24

reimplement optimistic optimisation in _MultiTagMatcher when the doc's dict really did not change