Last commit made on 2021-12-12
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a9611ba... by scoder

Fix a test in Py2.

a3eacbc... by scoder

Prepare release of 4.6.5.

b7ea687... by scoder

Update changelog.

69a7473... by scoder

Cleaner: cover some more cases where scripts could sneak through in specially crafted style content.

54d2985... by scoder

Fix condition in test decorator.

4b220b5... by Miro HronĨok

Use the non-depcrecated TextTestResult instead of _TextTestResult (GH-333)

"_TextTestResult" was removed from Python 3.11.
"TextTestResult" is available on all supported Python versions.

d85c6de... by scoder

Exclude a test when using the macOS system libraries because it fails with libxml2 2.9.4.

cd4bec9... by scoder

Add macOS-M1 as wheel build platform.

fd0d471... by scoder

Install automake and libtool in macOS build to be able to install the latest non-release libxml2.

f233023... by scoder

Cleaner: Remove SVG image data URLs since they can embed script content.

Reported as GHSL-2021-1038