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a86a40e... by scoder

Fix testimonial link on homepage.

78c3464... by scoder

Prepare release of 4.4.3.

71634d1... by scoder

Update changelog.

0810dcc... by scoder

LP#1844674: Include tail text of comments and PIs in itertext() results (regression in lxml 4.4).

551248f... by scoder

Officially support Py3.8 also in lxml 4.4.x.

589c3c2... by scoder

Prepare release of lxml 4.4.2.

bf15ea4... by scoder

Improve frontpage section on sponsoring.

e2f4ae1... by scoder

Add a link to Tidelift as a way of supporting the project.

a2551ed... by scoder

Adapt doctest to libxml2 2.9.10.

632e44d... by scoder

Try to avoid redundant recompilation in appveyor by building the wheel first and then running the tests.