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1848047... by scoder

Prepare release of lxml 4.3.5.

6156d61... by scoder

Prepare release of lxml 4.3.4.

e2d9746... by scoder

Prepare release of lxml 4.3.3.

4baad26... by scoder

Fix leak of output buffer in _XSLTResultTree.write_output().

f2981e6... by scoder

Prepare release of 4.3.2.

f529aeb... by scoder

Fix crash due to incorrect dict handling for text nodes.
The C doc link needs to be set after removing text from the dict and before putting it there. Thus, it is best to separate the adaptations into two traversals again.

f8bb218... by scoder

Make sure doc links are updated also for non-element nodes.

8c5b45b... by scoder

Improve cleanup handling when an exception is raised during document adaptation.

3f47dac... by scoder

Add some tests for tree modification while iterating.

c5b06c4... by scoder

Avoid instantiating node iterators when it's easy to see that they will be empty.