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1dd26eb... by scoder

Prepare release of 4.2.6.

71919ff... by scoder

LP#1799755: Fix ABC imports from collections package to resolve a DeprecationWarning in Py3.7.

9d91c1e... by scoder

Update changelog.

de326ab... by scoder

Fix import warnings in Py3.6+ by switching to absolute imports.

f677d68... by scoder

Do not try to run tests in wheel building script since it leads to problems with the library import.

1dee355... by scoder

Py3 syntax fix in helper script.

171eaaa... by scoder

Fix typo in test file.

26dfc89... by scoder

Prepare release of lxml 4.2.5.

6be1d08... by scoder

Fix: make the cleaner also remove javascript URLs that use escaping.

1f534e2... by scoder

Fix missing link on website.