Last commit made on 2016-08-20
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ac6b44f... by scoder on 2016-08-20

wait for last wheel build to finish

0151ad5... by scoder on 2016-08-20

prepare release of lxml 3.6.4

d32038b... by scoder on 2016-08-20

link against librt only on Linux

bfdca59... by nightsailer on 2016-08-19

link with "-lrt" error on darwin (OS X)

3e868e5... by scoder on 2016-08-18

keep sdist for wheel building if it already exists

114bc74... by scoder on 2016-08-18

validate wheel builds by importing the binary modules instead of just the lxml package

0f5f0aa... by scoder on 2016-08-18

parallelise wheel builds

70c1aa3... by scoder on 2016-08-18

prepare binary-only release

8687eb0... by scoder on 2016-08-18

link with "-lrt" to correctly support builds on pre-glibc 2.17 Linux platforms

4d19546... by scoder on 2016-08-18

minor safety cleanup in build script