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e892875... by scoder on 2016-05-05

modernise website menu and show it as overlay on small screens
adapt width of website to narrower screens

525541f... by scoder on 2015-04-25

prepare release of lxml 3.4.4

df955d8... by scoder on 2015-04-25

Backed out changeset 4263587e5c46

06ae415... by scoder on 2015-04-17

fix calling ExtElement.process_children() without output_parent argument

99547dd... by scoder on 2015-04-15

disable ElementPath cache test comparison with ElementTree as it fails in Python 3.4 and later

33010b3... by scoder on 2015-04-15

Added tag lxml-3.4.3 for changeset 57a861c8a54a

fe7dfaa... by scoder on 2015-04-15


1990caa... by scoder on 2015-04-15

fix missing rst reference in docs

cc1aaa3... by scoder on 2015-04-15

prepare release of lxml 3.4.3

a3f2ab3... by scoder on 2015-04-15

fix docstring