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4c8e222... by scoder on 2014-08-28

prepare release of lxml 3.3.6

c9c84b6... by scoder on 2014-08-28


70829fa... by scoder on 2014-08-28

refactor some duplicated code

beab69f... by scoder on 2014-08-28

prevent tree cycle creation when adding siblings

11589fc... by scoder on 2014-08-28

fix crash when deallocating sibling Element proxies that do not have a parent

d4f06ac... by scoder on 2014-08-09

fix LP#1354652: crash when traversing internally loaded documents in XSLT extension functions

23e776e... by scoder on 2014-05-24

replace donate gif image by png and serve it from lxml.de instead of github

f599cb3... by scoder on 2014-05-03

mark Py3.4 as supported on home page

32337d2... by scoder on 2014-04-18

prepare release of lxml 3.3.5

86e81ab... by scoder on 2014-04-17