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954b4c0... by scoder on 2014-01-06


af8644b... by scoder on 2014-01-06

fix build with old Cython 0.19

3923cb7... by scoder on 2014-01-06

rewrite fix for instantiating internal/external subset DTDs by properly copying them

4ab9f6e... by scoder on 2014-01-05

fix DTD-API iteration of attributes in internal/external subset DTDs

4bbc11f... by scoder on 2014-01-02

prepare release of lxml 3.2.5

42b012d... by scoder on 2014-01-01


6a80420... by scoder on 2014-01-01

add error handling test case for xmlfile

094dae8... by scoder on 2014-01-01

clean up xmlfile tree status immediately on errors

2188421... by scoder on 2014-01-01

fix potential crash when xmlfile is closed due to an error while elements are still open

9693d73... by scoder on 2013-12-23

fix attribute error on error handling in xmlfile()