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dfc2c32... by scoder

Added tag lxml-2.3.6 for changeset 66c66707c7d8

1f44374... by scoder

prepare release of 2.3.6

b03634c... by scoder

fix parsing when long Unicode strings are passed into the feed() method: part of the string was dropped

extra : transplant_source : %A0q%DF%C7%8CR%5B%B6%FD%A6%07F%BB%E6%94%FF%1B%25r%00

46a2ddd... by scoder

fix test

6b80a87... by scoder

prepare release of 2.3.5

9eb6bbc... by scoder

generate less aggressive cleanup code: lxml.etree types imported by lxml.objectify may still be required after cleanup

extra : transplant_source : n%99%C8%E8Y.%B7%F5p%7B%2A2%D3%8D%04%F1%18E%CC%1C

0d958d5... by scoder

added .hgignore file

extra : transplant_source : 9%E1%CF%C9%DA%D0P%91%7B%AF%94%20%ACG%F3m%40%8Bb%98

378131e... by Simon Sapin

Fix documentation link to etreepublic.pxd

The file has moved to src/lxml/include in

extra : transplant_source : %EC%DC%26%BC%E7%21%15%82FE%14%CALcTRM%D6o%9D

8f8213d... by scoder

docstring fixes in QName class

extra : transplant_source : %86%8E%1E%ED%3D%B0%97_%B4k%7D/%EA%C5KaU%0B%B33

d7c216d... by scoder

fix crash in tail text handling utility functions

extra : transplant_source : %B9%B6%DEM%CA%1A%D7%24%09Qw%B7%C4%5E%82%5E%1B%E2%29K