Code review comment for lp:~lukas-kde/unity8/fix-shell-chrome

Daniel d'Andrada (dandrader) wrote :

On 24/02/2017 10:49, Lukáš Tinkl wrote:
>> If I understood correctly all you need is to wait until the surface shows up
>> so that you can query its shellChrome property, right?
> Not only that, if I don't wait for surfaceInitialized, then requesting a new (loaded/policy) state does not work :/ I tried that


Calling window.requestState() should work even *before* the window gets
a surface. As the request gets cached and applied once window finally
receives a surface. But that's not really relevant in this case as you
have to wait for the surface.shellChrome value anyway. But good to keep
in mind.

This might be related to the fact that the SurfaceContainer inside
ApplicationWindow is only made visible once "surface !== null &&
d.surfaceInitialized === true".

When you request a state, it really should work. Worth investigating
what's going on in qtmir and miral.

A insivible MirSurfaceItem make its MirSurface visibility state go to
hidden. Maybe miral ignores certain state change requests for a surface
that is not exposed.

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