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ab0fa32... by Lucio Marinelli <email address hidden> on 2020-04-04

Added details about required packages to compile

1a9894f... by Raphael Manfredi on 2020-04-03

crash_mode(): avoid too many atomic reads.

cbcb0b6... by Raphael Manfredi on 2020-04-03

crash_handler(): enter thread crash mode before signal cleanup.

Before reclaiming precious system resources when crashing, we need to
suspend the other threads. Failure to do that could result in a
recursive crash, as threads depending on system resources could fail
(for instance when we reclaim semaphores, threads using condition
variables will report a failure).

edd4893... by Raphael Manfredi on 2020-04-03

thread_crash_mode(): check for disable_locks first.

Also made it explicit in the comment that we're disabling all locks if
any of the other threads is known to hold a lock.

8caee9d... by Raphael Manfredi on 2020-03-28

Fixed computation of build date.

164972a... by Raphael Manfredi on 2020-03-24

Emit thread mask in crash logs upon detected deadlock.

The thread mask is an hexadecimal number with 1 bit set for each thread
ID involved in the deadlock. This makes it easier to "see" the involved
threads from the stack traces within the crashlog.

7ec3cd2... by Raphael Manfredi on 2020-03-23

vmm_dump_pmap_log(): fixed deadlock.

968080c... by Raphael Manfredi on 2020-03-23

thread_stack_check_overflow(): also log used stack size.

589bc7d... by Raphael Manfredi on 2020-03-23

thread_deadlock_check(): only dump stacks of involved threads.

A thread with no locks is not "involved" in the deadlock loop.

Also try to intuit the lock type on which the deadlock happens, for more
pertinent logging.

5457107... by Raphael Manfredi on 2020-03-23

Re-ordered crash levels.

A "deadlock" is now more critical in the hierarchy than an assertion
failure. Therefore, crash_mode() will now disable thread locks when
called with CRASH_LVL_DEADLOCKED, through thread_crash_mode().