Merge lp:~lucaskanashiro/britney/hint-update-mysql-connector-c++ into lp:~ubuntu-release/britney/hints-ubuntu

Proposed by Lucas Kanashiro
Status: Rejected
Rejected by: Steve Langasek
Proposed branch: lp:~lucaskanashiro/britney/hint-update-mysql-connector-c++
Merge into: lp:~ubuntu-release/britney/hints-ubuntu
Diff against target: 20 lines (+2/-2)
1 file modified
ubuntu-release (+2/-2)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~lucaskanashiro/britney/hint-update-mysql-connector-c++
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Steve Langasek Disapprove
Review via email:

This proposal supersedes a proposal from 2020-04-14.

Description of the change

mysql-connector-c++ was updated to version 1.1.12-4ubuntu2 but it's still failing as previously (version 1.1.12-4ubuntu1) with the same error. It was a simply no-changes rebuild for libgcc-s1 package name change.

These autopkgtest failures are blocking mysql-8.0 in proposed. In order to fix it this MP updates the version of mysql-connector-c++ in ubuntu-release file.

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Revision history for this message
Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

Handled differently by switching to a force-reset-test hint.

review: Disapprove

Unmerged revisions

4753. By Lucas Kanashiro

Update version of mysql-connector-c++, marked as badtest

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1=== modified file 'ubuntu-release'
2--- ubuntu-release 2020-04-14 13:06:59 +0000
3+++ ubuntu-release 2020-04-14 19:39:17 +0000
4@@ -322,14 +322,14 @@
5 force-badtest makedumpfile/all/s390x
7 # never passed, previously neutral, now failing
8-force-badtest mysql-connector-c++/1.1.12-4ubuntu1/arm64 mysql-connector-c++/1.1.12-4ubuntu1/s390x
9+force-badtest mysql-connector-c++/1.1.12-4ubuntu2/arm64 mysql-connector-c++/1.1.12-4ubuntu2/s390x
10 force-badtest rust-byteorder/1.3.2-1 rust-byteorder/1.3.2-2
11 force-badtest rust-md5-asm/0.4.3-2
12 force-badtest rust-rayon/1.1.0-2/armhf rust-rayon/1.1.0-2/i386
14 # used to pass, now failing, evidently due to test platform failures rather
15 # than the object of the tests
16-force-badtest mysql-connector-c++/1.1.12-4ubuntu1/ppc64el
17+force-badtest mysql-connector-c++/1.1.12-4ubuntu2/ppc64el
19 # used to pass, failing now
20 # LP: #1847610