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17. By Julien Lavergne on 2017-10-22

Sync with debian experimental

* New testrelease: 3.1.0
* New snapshot: 3.0.0-8-g76093e8
* New snapshot: 3.0.0-6-ge741292
* New snapshot: 3.0.0-3-g17bba4c
* added PR 142 (support for actions)
* New upstream release: 3.0.0
* Synced with experimental
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-62-g99dea50
* Fixed a symbol in xdgiconloader
* Removed debian/get-snapshot, added debian/repository.spec
* move branch to experimental-snapshots
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-61-g1aad0f3
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-61-g1aad0f3
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-58-gbc64037
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-56-g0eb6dc2
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-55-g58f59cf
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-54-g075f9f4
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-51-g6be5e43
* Removed patch 125 - applied upstream
* Added patch 125
* Added missed symbol
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-49-gec80289
* Removed all pending patches
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-44-g7486887
* Add missed symbol
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-43-gf49ee26
* 126 is on top of 116 - new iteration of 126 applied
* deactivated patch 121, we should focus on 116 first
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-42-gfd7dc90
* removed patch 124 - now merged upstream
* Added patch 121
* Added patch 124
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-41-gade4c27
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-40-g180ece5
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-37-gc54aebc
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-35-g9170c4f
* added iconfinder
* fixed symbols
* applied Patch 116 - icon hierarchy
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-34-g38bd444
* new build with debian qt
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-31-g069de4b
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-19-gaa36020
* remove lxqt-build-tools - was a bad idea
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-18-gdc2d834
* Symboles fixed
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-8-g654c129
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-7-g65a412f
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-7-g65a412f -- forced push
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-7-g793b436
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-6-g73e38d4
* Fixed typo Recommmends -> Recommends
* New snapshot: 2.0.0-1-g1ab6be0
* XdgIconLoader: Recommend gtk-update-icon-cache instead depend on it.
  Thanks Rohan Garg <email address hidden>
* Bumped debhelper to (>=10)
* Renamed package libqt5xdgiconloader1 -> libqt5xdgiconloader2 (soname bump)
* Added dependency gtk-update-icon-cache to libqt5xdgiconloader2
* Added libfile-mimeinfo-perl as dependency, we really need this, a
  recommendation is not enough. Thanks tsujan.
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-60-g8ca8099
* removed g*6 build dependencies, it's now standard
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-51-g8de514a
* Added new build dependency libqt5svg5-dev
* sync with debian experimental
* build with gcc 6
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-50-g4fde773
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-49-ga8f82df
* Fixed libqt5xdgiconloader-dev.install
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-48-g55804ce
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-47-ge5720b6
* Improved debian/get-snapshots
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-45-g31e993c
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-39-gb847928
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-34-gfee3118
* Fixed symbols version
* Fixed package descrioptions
* new virtual release: 1.3.1~
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-33-g2a38336
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-32-g188c775
* Introduced the new package libqt5xdgiconloader1
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-31-g415bdd2
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-30-g61873dc
* Bumped standards to 3.9.8, no changes needed
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-27-gaa78e62
* Symbols sorted and unified
* Added missed Symbol
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-26-g4fb6316
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-23-ge3da559
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-22-g77465d9
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-21-g0fa31e8
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-14-g2a2d8de
* Renamed debian/get-new-snapshot debian/get-snapshot, introducing
  target functionality
* Added new symbol
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-11-g0a66207
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-10-gc58edf3
* Bump years in copyright
* Added hardening=+all
* New snapshot: 1.3.0-4-g9c5c648
* Removed watch file
* Added debian/get-new-snapshot
* Set source/format 1
* Bump Standards to 3.9.7
* commit d1bae674d698be6e2949b65c99ab06093cbe9600
  Author: Luís Pereira <email address hidden>
  Date: Fri Aug 7 12:13:16 2015 -0700
  Handles CMake policy CMP0063

  The ``OLD`` behavior for this policy is to ignore the visibility properties
  for static libraries, object libraries, and executables without exports.
  The ``NEW`` behavior for this policy is to honor the visibility properties
  for all target types.
* commit 194df9fc35ebe77597a62983bb42ad7ac20a023a
  Author: Luís Pereira <email address hidden>
  Date: Mon Jul 13 13:40:57 2015 -0700
  CMake: Adds Runtime install COMPONENT
  There are two install components:
      * Devel Contains all the development files;
      * Runtime Contains all the runtime needed files.
* commit b656ffa55f798762150a4e546779b61836a90d7f
  Author: Luís Pereira <email address hidden>
  Date: Fri Jul 3 03:43:04 2015 -0700
  Merge branch 'targets'
  * targets:
    Drops find_package(), use find_dependency()
    Marks link libraries as PUBLIC
    Handles in-tree builds headers the right way.
* rebuild with Qt 5.4.2
* commit 5fc3ef738fe5c958a5722652454c9b6a31b04f01
  Author: Michael Vetter <email address hidden>
  Date: Thu Jun 18 22:30:19 2015 +0200
  Remove trailing whitespaces
* new symbols added
* commit ab0f65cd6b5b695d24c5020c1b31104a989728d4
  Author: Luís Pereira <email address hidden>
  Date: Thu Apr 2 16:25:59 2015 -0700
  Backports Fixed icons lookup in QIcon::fromTheme
  We already supported multile directories. But we didn't support dashes to
  separate levels of specificity in icon names.
  Closes lxde/libqtxdg#54.
* commit da936792f2376327db2c287348738ede394e7bcc
  Release 1.2.0
* fix https://github.com/lxde/lxqt/issues/563
* commit d2c9635876eb054f5ee19de7c306a94539448caa
  Fixes XdgDesktop::isShow() caching mechanism
  The cache mechanism was totally broken. It stored the last mIsShow value.
  And that's it. It didn't take into account the environment.
  It didn't work with straightforward code like this:
  for (int i = 0; i < N; ++i)
* commit d3ba6ef8b248f5d80ce5b3c0c0cd7047eb8452d5
  Add QtDBus/Qt5DBus dependency
  We depend on it for the DBusActivation support.
* commit 0a9abfeed2106ac7ab3c7ec8240bb68ffd5ae813
  Fixes an Qt4 FTBFS
  QProcess::nullDevice() is just sugar for "/dev/null" on everything except
* qtbase5-private-dev added as build dependency
* commit 9bc56a68b53cab26a0b97abb218394cb1e3b082f
  Adds a list of special non detachable execs
  Some executables (pkexec) don't work with QProcess::startDetached().
  Instead of calling QProcess::start(), which in some situations can lead
  to the executable being killed as an result of his parent kill, we maintain
  a list of executables that don't cope with QProcess::startDetached() and
* fix symbols
* commit 90775840a6223540e93cacc9ca41b2e896bfae5b
  Replace empty quotes by QString()
  It's faster.
* some fixes in debian foo
* commit 5058cd61611a712ed11ba6e998e9444e041b5d43
  Ignore empty dirs in xdgDirList()
  We also don't append the postfix. It just doesn't make sense.
* commit dce043f2c29c096f950f9d04d71ad2e8e705f36b
  Makes needed helper functions available to tests
  Commits f2fde114628bf85fe107363532f67f49a5a3ccf9 and it's Clang equivalent:
  e082464be5cd48d16c43c6de1cfd4366fb1bed37 hide unneeded symbols.
  The tests need these two functions tough. We export them only if the tests
* commit 6a546bce19bc7fecc040c5c198e8cd854f119684
  Merge branch 'sync-qiconloader'
* set urgency to low
* fixed symbols
* RELEASE 1.1.0
* qiconloader branch taken
* commit d98585a5519e0aba2c6290ddb652953515170b2f
  Makes the Qt5 build the default
  Drops USE_QT5 option. Adds an USE_QT4 option.
* fix symbols
* commit 0dece06c9688da9c601a55b90dbf21a4118255a5
  XdgDesktopFileCache::getFile(): Don't insert/removes non existent files
  We have to check if fileName really exists. Fixes #39
* bump standards to 3.9.6
* remove the not needed build dependency libegl1-mesa-dev, needed
  because of a now fixed bug in Qt 5.3.1
* set min Qt 5 version to 5.3.2 in build dependencies
* qiconfix copyright fixed
* Initial release (Closes: #757133)

16. By Julien Lavergne on 2017-10-22

Sync with debian sid packaging

* Added dependency libqt5svg5-dev to QtXdgIconloader dev package.
  (Closes: #877569)- Thanks Tim Dengel <email address hidden>
* Bumped Standards to 4.1.1
* added override_dh_missing to rules
* Added qttranslations5-l10n to Recommends - without this packagage there are
  no working shortcuts in localized LXQt desktops. So we want to make sure
  that the package is at least recommended for qtxdg based packages.
* Bump Standards to 4.0.0 - no changes needed
* Added Dependeny share-mime-info (Closes: #866744)
* Bumped year in copyrights
* Removed --parallel from rules, default in compat-leveld 10
* Rebuild with Qt 5.7.1~
* Cherry-picked new upstream release 2.0.0.
* Added current signing key
* Bumped compat to 10
* Bumped debhelper to (>= 10)
* Added build dependency libqt5svg5-dev
* Renamed package libqt5xdg1 -> libqt5xdg2 (soname bump)
* Added packages libqt5xdgiconloader2 and libqt5xdgiconloader-dev
* XdgIconLoader: Recommend gtk-update-icon-cache
  Thanks Rohan Garg <email address hidden>
* Renamed install and symbols files
* Fixed symbols
* Fixed .gitignore
* Reworked descriptions in debian/control to prevent lintian whining
* Fixed copyright for xdgiconloader
* Added README.md to debian/docs
* Added libfile-mimeinfo-perl as dependency, we really need this, a
  recommendation is not enough. Thanks tsujan.
* Bumped standards to 3.9.8, no changes needed
* Bump years in copyright
* Added README to debian/docs
* Added hardening=+all
* Exported LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 - define language settings for
  reproducible builds
* Fixed VCS-fields, use https and plain /git/
* Fixed copyrights Format field to https

* Remove dbg package in favor of dbgsym.

15. By Julien Lavergne on 2015-11-14

Sync with Ubuntu, adding the dpkg_gensymbols trick

14. By Julien Lavergne on 2015-03-17

Drop qt4 build-depends

13. By Julien Lavergne on 2015-03-13

Add qtbase5-private-dev build-depends

12. By Julien Lavergne on 2015-01-01

Remove translation folder, remove upstream

11. By Julien Lavergne on 2015-01-01

Switch to --list-missing to see what missing

10. By Julien Lavergne on 2014-12-31

Only build qt5

9. By Julien Lavergne on 2014-10-13

Add libqtxdg1.install

8. By Julien Lavergne on 2014-09-21

Re-enable qt4 build

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