Last commit made on 2019-09-01
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2428658... by Vagrant Cascadian

debian/control: Fix Vcs-Git entry to point to correct branch.

e8f56c9... by Vagrant Cascadian

Upload ltspfs 1.5-2 to unstable.

877fca3... by Vagrant Cascadian

Update to debhelper compatibility level 11:
- Drop Build-Depends on dh-autoreconf and autotools-dev.
- debian/rules: Remove dh call to use autoreconf, as it is enabled by

70d7e7d... by Vagrant Cascadian

Add debian/watch checking for new tags.

39e95fc... by Vagrant Cascadian

debian/control: Update Standards-Version to 4.1.4, no changes needed.

4583b3d... by Vagrant Cascadian

debian/changelog: Fix trailing whitespace.

23ac707... by Vagrant Cascadian

debian/control: Update Maintainer address.

a4292f9... by Vagrant Cascadian

Upload ltspfs 1.5-1 to unstable.

bfe0d21... by Vagrant Cascadian

debian/rules: add override for dh_autoreconf to create an empty
ChangeLog file.

2550d83... by Vagrant Cascadian

debian/control: Depend on python3 rather than python.