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90cebcc... by Vagrant Cascadian on 2018-04-24

Version 5.18.04

New version scheme of MAJOR.YY.MM[.I].

a35fc2a... by Vagrant Cascadian on 2018-04-24

xfreerdp: Adjust default arguments when called as xfreerdp.

The backwards compatible options are no longer supported in xfreerdp
versions 2+ so needs to use different default options.

Roughly tested to work with xrdp using rdesktop and xfreerdp 1.x and
xfreerdp 2.x.

5e24e0e... by Vagrant Cascadian on 2018-04-23

Update ltsp translation template for 5.18.04.

ca7ed94... by Vagrant Cascadian on 2018-04-23

Sync translations with launchpad.

fa0e2a4... by Alkis Georgopoulos on 2018-03-24

Fedora: don't set valid_flt=forever when BOOTPROTO=dhcp.

88471ef... by Alkis Georgopoulos on 2018-03-22

Prohibit the kernel from removing the ip address.

174fb67... by Alkis Georgopoulos on 2018-03-09

Check that ntpdate exists before calling it.

2a18cc5... by Alkis Georgopoulos on 2018-03-06

Update Gentoo codebase a bit.

24b06b2... by Kim B. Heino on 2017-12-20

Redhat: increase eth0 carrier detect timeout, 5s is not enough for all clients

For example, Intel NUC DC3217IYE (e1000e eth0 driver) takes 7 seconds to
detect carrier, resulting boot fail. Default timeout is 5 seconds.

59209fb... by Kim B. Heino on 2017-12-19

Redhat: systemd should start text mode, ltsp switches it to graphical mode