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369e046... by Lee Trager

Backport of 84f687c LP: #1879416 - Mark commissioning scripts as failed if processing errored

469d485... by Lee Trager

Backport of 9424d23 LP: #1869958 - Run fio using the native block size of the disk.

606fdd4... by Lee Trager

LP: #1877220 - Update LXD to fix probing NVME multipath devices(GH:7313)

77980d5... by Adam Collard

Release 2.7.1 beta2

a729c30... by Adam Collard

Bump UI to v0.2.10

c0c9e2a... by Adam Collard

Release 2.7.1 beta1

2d9796d... by Alberto Donato

Cherry-pick release-prepare from master

fix release-prepare script

utilities/release-prepare: don't reuse previous author

add utilities/release-prepare script to commit and tag changes for a release

ce2c9e2... by Caleb Ellis

Update maas-ui to 720d52d51f01d715dbce88b64c49ac7b8e21d877

ba4de44... by Huw Wilkins

Update maas-ui to 24c255c004ce993d4f36571d634665a2016c7174

58edf27... by Björn Tillenius

LP #1873430: Subnet pages take a long time to load.

Speed up space.list websocket handler when there are many ip addresses.

The space.list handler prefetched staticipaddress, which make scales
very badly with the number of statipaddress records.

Added tests to ensure that the number of queries is constant and
modified the prefetch and logic to make it pass.

Also remove unneeded prefetch for fabric.list websocket call.

(cherry picked from commit 4cffcfabb2c9e4bfedd8d05c67cdffc2da01ff2a)