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028c4fa... by Lee Trager on 2017-07-26

Enumate a terminal when logging script output

Some applications don't properly detect that they are not being run in a
terminal and refresh output for progress bars, counters, and spinners. These
characters quickly add up making the log difficult to read. When writing output
from an application emulate a terminal so readable data is captured.

Fixes: LP: #1705792
Backport: abc094c196c4f7c7d96bb336f0f33c894eeff0bb

e197e9e... by Lee Trager on 2017-07-26

Allow uploading images with the format osystem/release.

All images uploaded are now of rtype UPLOADED. Users can upload using the format osystem/release where osystem is a supported OS.

Fixes: LP: #1701694, #1361370

78d97d0... by Mike Pontillo on 2017-07-19

Prevent RegionService from using empty lists.

LP: #1705254
Backports: 3dd8eedfba921760f98ea54805d05c86e63266ec

b2a64fb... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-07-18


9031a90... by Blake Rouse on 2017-07-18

Backport f0fa3535e30bf3d3a6a1c437e8f8199ac0bbfeb5: Return only one connection per rack controller from getAllClients. Fixes lp: #1704489.

13fbc91... by Newell Jensen on 2017-07-15

Update changelog.

5bb0e14... by Newell Jensen on 2017-07-14

Backport from master -- LP: #1700802 -- Add missing networking constraint names.

0ec051d... by Newell Jensen on 2017-07-14

Backport from master -- LP: #1702690 Set the machine's min_hwe_kernel to the setting's default_min_hwe_kernel when commissioning.

d97cd63... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-07-14

Backport 8a42cf86222aace7a4462137a7d941e9535604ef from master

LP: #1609496 - Increase & add 'wait_time' for IPMI to allow it working for older & broken BMC's

bdb33c3... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-07-13

LP: #1703713 - Fix missing link on domain details page