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fix/1792454-netork-configuration-v2-and-translate_network 2018-09-14 19:15:20 UTC 2018-09-14
net_util: ensure static configs have netmask in translate_network result

Author: Thomas Berger
Author Date: 2018-09-13 21:10:35 UTC

net_util: ensure static configs have netmask in translate_network result

If a DataSource provides a network configuration in version 2 and runs
on a distro which does not have a network renderer class in use, then
the conversion of V2 to eni results in static ip configurations with
subnet prefix-length ( rather than explicit netmask

When sending such a config to net_util.translate_network the resulting
dictionary is missing the 'netmask' key for static configured addresses
breaking network configurations on multiple distributions.

This patch detects static ip configurations using prefix-length and
converts the format into the previous 'address' and 'netmask' parts
to keep compatibility for these distribtuions until they move to
the v2 network configuration.

LP: #1792454

master 2018-09-01 17:59:18 UTC 2018-09-01
Add unit tests for config/cc_ssh.py

Author: Francis Ginther
Author Date: 2018-09-01 17:59:18 UTC

Add unit tests for config/cc_ssh.py

These tests focus on the apply_credentials method and the ssh setup for
root and a distro default user.

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