Last commit made on 2020-10-21
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4baa93e... by Drew Freiberger on 2020-10-21

Update metadata to change to Bootstack-charmers

f241e9d... by Alvaro Uria on 2020-10-15

Merge branch 'lint-20.10'

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~afreiberger/charm-openstack-service-checks/+git/charm-openstack-service-checks/+merge/392243
Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~afreiberger/charm-openstack-service-checks/+git/charm-openstack-service-checks/+merge/392246
Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~afreiberger/charm-openstack-service-checks/+git/charm-openstack-service-checks/+merge/392257
Reviewed-by: Alvaro Uria <email address hidden>

7c8dde3... by Drew Freiberger on 2020-10-14

Extra Linting completed for 20.10 charm release

d0034e2... by Drew Freiberger on 2020-10-14

Resolved lint issues after black

45c2064... by Drew Freiberger on 2020-10-14

Blackened repository to 88 lines

0d48a6c... by Drew Freiberger on 2020-10-14

Imported standard Makefile and tox.ini and fixed up tests

c803ef2... by Drew Freiberger on 2020-10-14

Refactor _render_octavia_checks loop for image args

7c426fd... by Drew Freiberger on 2020-10-13

Addressed review comments regarding octavia checks

Added check for keystone_client to only initialize once per hook run.
Updated render_checks to initialize keystone_client for service-specific
checks. Made credentials an optional parameter on create_endpoint_checks()
Added removal of checks if either endpoint doesn't exist or check is disabled.

827a6e9... by David O Neill on 2020-10-01

Prevent the installation of the nrpe check when octavia
 has not registered an endpoint


b4a24bf... by Adam Dyess on 2020-07-16

Reintroduce comments lost in merge

Merged branch ~addyess/charm-openstack-service-checks:bugs/lp1887561-check_octavia_filtering