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47abc79... by Peter Sabaini

Split HP repo key into two for different repositories

Both keys are set to HPEs pubkey fingerprint 26C2B797

a62c2a8... by Peter Sabaini

Fix functest monkeypatching

Better mimic the hookenv.config() api -- return either a value or the
whole config dict

29f764a... by Facundo Ciccioli

HP tools install just fine even on a docker container, so they can be tested

5d983b9... by Facundo Ciccioli

Fix monkey patching of hookenv.config function

The monkey patching is mainly done because the charm's code tests for
config('manufacturer') == 'test'. With the patching as it was being
done, config(x) was returning a dictionary for every x, hence the
condition was constantly false.

5a71164... by Facundo Ciccioli

HPE_MCP_KEY no longer works

It appears there's now a single hey (former HPE_ILOREST_KEY) for the HP
tools' repo. Use that.

ccaa5b3... by Adam Dyess

blacken and lint

3f5e490... by Adam Dyess

detect the existence of the hp ssacli app in places where it ought to be

69c9450... by Adam Dyess

use /usr/sbin/ssacli rather than the specific install path

8995513... by Adam Dyess

change variable in list comprehension to e for 'error'

81716df... by Adam Dyess

Resolve HP ssacli non error conditions