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6e47627... by Facundo Ciccioli

Some docs and funcionality that came in handy while working on this charm

It's the second time I have to learn these stuff, maybe it's useful for
others here.

ce63795... by Joe Guo

ensure cron output dir and files are owned by nagios user

Before, nrpe-server and cron jobs are run by root, so legacy output dir and files are
owned by root. Now the user has changed to nagios, which will get permission errors
while writing to legacy dir and files owned by root.

This patch try to ensure the permission is correct.

LP: #1906991

Signed-off-by: Joe Guo <email address hidden>

8c68690... by Xav Paice

Fix doc text for ipmi_check_options

Adding quotes to the text after --seloptions causes the command to fail,
this fixes the doc to prevent future travellers finding that out.

b8623de... by Drew Freiberger

Disable nrpe check configuration for ipmiseld tool

34026a1... by Peter Sabaini

Merge branch 'update-submodules'

0ea6ff8... by Paul Goins

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/make-functional-tests-pass'

b2cf9b0... by Xav Paice

Update submodules to https url

Some environments do not have ssh access to Github, change the submodule
URL to use https.

e00e1ab... by Peter Sabaini

Fix unittest

f9179c3... by Peter Sabaini

Add workaround LP#1912347

Package fails to create the cache dir on install, create dir ourselves

210c2ab... by James Hebden

Fix copypasta in IpmiSEL tools class