Last commit made on 2020-09-21
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b1caca2... by Facundo Ciccioli

As it was, the ifeq was always going to evaluate to false

The use of wildcard is mandatory to produce the desired effect of
checking the existance of a file.

27fac68... by Xav Paice

Merge branch ''

cc1f497... by Drew Freiberger

Remove extraneous debug print from unit test.

fbeb27e... by Drew Freiberger

Extra Linting completed for 20.08 charm release

55756c1... by Drew Freiberger

Check issubclass() instead of isinstance() in cls.is_series_supported()

9e38254... by Xav Paice

Updated ilorest json parsing code to find bad status in more places.

Add unit tests for cron_ilorest to ensure detection of errors

5bab06c... by Paul Goins

Fixed PATH-related issue which broke

Since /usr/sbin/ is not on the PATH via cron, call ilorest as

(Thanks Drew for the idea!)

f7d0294... by Paul Goins

Removing now-unused check file to avoid confusion

bd8b1c2... by Xav Paice

Change the ilorest output file name

To make the output of consistent with other scripts, and
compatible with the nrpe check which templates the filename as
toolname.out, this changes the ilorest output name from ilorest.nagios
to ilorest.out.

2602e4f... by Paul Goins

Merge branch 'wait-for-vendor-apt-fix' into merge-test