Last commit made on 2021-01-07
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3f5e490... by Adam Dyess

detect the existence of the hp ssacli app in places where it ought to be

69c9450... by Adam Dyess

use /usr/sbin/ssacli rather than the specific install path

8995513... by Adam Dyess

change variable in list comprehension to e for 'error'

81716df... by Adam Dyess

Resolve HP ssacli non error conditions

974271c... by Xav Paice

Provide more detail on yaml exception.

Exception in IPMI tool now has details provided.

Additionlly some lint cleanup.

4413444... by Xav Paice

Change method name, fix lint

get_exclusions is renamed to set_exclusions as requested in code review.
Fixed lint issues with the files changed for branch bug/1894763.

fb8fb18... by Adam Dyess

Created unit test to ensure exclusion creation is applied correctly

6ae94d1... by Adam Dyess

Progress towards fixing bug 1894763

882fb89... by Paul Goins

Lint changes. (Sorry; didn't get these in previously.)

3440d39... by Paul Goins

LP#1904032: Fix "lshw -json" parsing on Focal

In Bionic, "lshw -json" output one dictionary per item it was
displaying. In the case of multiple items (e.g. "-class network" with
multiple adapters), it would output multiple dictionaries in sequence.

In Focal, "lshw -json" outputs records in a list, which is more
correct for JSON parsers, however it breaks our current parsing.

The fix is simply to grab the first item in the list and act upon it.
Since the "lshw -json" query outputs the system record by default,
there will only be one item for our case.