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Yongqin Liu (liuyq0307) wrote :

One thing I am not sure is that if I should change the usage of _copy_needed_files_from_partition method in deploy_android method of lava_dispatcher/device/ file.

it is called as such in the deploy_linaro method:
self._copy_needed_files_from_partition(self.config.boot_part, 'rtsm')
self._copy_needed_files_from_partition(self.config.root_part, 'boot')

but called like this in the deploy_android method:
self._copy_needed_files_from_partition(self.config.boot_part, '')

if we add following line to the deploy_android method, I guess it will work too.
self._copy_needed_files_from_partition(self.config.boot_part, 'rtsm')

but do we really need to specify the second parameter?

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