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lp:~linuxgndu/sqlitebrowser-recipe/master 2 Mature 2017-03-25 21:19:22 UTC 2017-03-25
1489. Allow changing case of column name in...

Author: Martin Kleusberg
Revision Date: 2017-03-25 21:19:22 UTC

Allow changing case of column name in Edit Table dialog

Allow changing the case of a column name in the Edit Table dialog
without complaining about the name already being taken. This happened
when for example changing a column called 'A' to 'a', making this sort
of changes impossible.

See issue #985.

lp:~linuxgndu/sqlitebrowser-recipe/deb-packaging 2 Mature 2016-10-07 21:13:58 UTC 2016-10-07
7. Corrected version Number

Author: Gajj GNDU
Revision Date: 2016-10-07 21:13:58 UTC

Corrected version Number

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