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lp:~linaro-infrastructure/linaro-license-protection/master 1 Development 2023-06-30 22:28:03 UTC
522. change default li...

Author: Kelley Spoon
Revision Date: 2023-06-30 22:28:03 UTC change default linaro group

In ldap, the 'linaro' group was deprecated and
replaced by the 'everybody-flat' group.

Since it was hardcoded here, we need to update
the group name in order to allow linaro
employees access to protected urls.

Change-Id: I6b340728ff26faa64a29fd2384d9ebe321dcff36
Signed-off-by: Kelley Spoon <>

lp:linaro-ci bug 1 Development 2014-03-21 08:51:54 UTC
191. Empty content of deprecated repo, see...

Author: Paul Sokolovsky
Revision Date: 2014-03-21 08:51:54 UTC

Empty content of deprecated repo, see README for new repo.

lp:linaro-status 1 Development 2014-01-27 09:49:13 UTC This branch has not been imported yet.
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