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master 2020-09-25 07:27:03 UTC 2020-09-25
bin/audio_test.py: Fix the "Unable to control recording volume..." bug

Author: Leon Liao
Author Date: 2020-07-23 07:03:46 UTC

bin/audio_test.py: Fix the "Unable to control recording volume..." bug

1. Remove the method parameter from PAVolumeController.__init__():
 Assum PAVolumeController class only be used in this audio_test.py.
2. Don't check the return value of self.method(command):
 In PAVolumeController._pactl_output(), when failed to execute the pactl command the exception will be thrown.
3. When pactl command fail (after retry 3 times), let audio_test stop.

Original issue:
In PAVolumeController class:
In set_volume() and mute(), the self.method(command) returns a zero-length string.
So, the set_volume() and mute() always return False. Then, in get_volume(), the self._volume always won't be set.
This is the root cause of the "Unable to control recording volume..."

More detail:
1. There is no ouptu from the `pactl set-souerce-volume ...` command.
2. The PAVolumeController._pactl_output fucntion will return
subprocess.check_output(). The subprocess.check_output function return the output of "command".

LP: #1890526

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