Merge lp:~lifeless/python-oops-tools/amqp-polish into lp:python-oops-tools

Proposed by Robert Collins
Status: Merged
Approved by: Robert Collins
Approved revision: 14
Merged at revision: 12
Proposed branch: lp:~lifeless/python-oops-tools/amqp-polish
Merge into: lp:python-oops-tools
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To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~lifeless/python-oops-tools/amqp-polish
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William Grant code Approve
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Commit message

Back out the change to use upper in amqp2disk, and instead change the lookup process to do what it advertised.

Description of the change

The code path that the linked bug thought was broken isn't. A different one was.

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William Grant (wgrant) wrote :

10:45:38 < wgrant> lifeless: + oopsids.add(with_oops.lower())
10:45:44 < wgrant> lifeless: Isn't that going to lower the OOPS- too?
10:45:47 < wgrant> Which is probably wrong.
10:46:25 < lifeless> well, depends on where you consider the abstraction barrier
10:46:37 < lifeless> but yes, I can see that being an issue.
10:47:16 < lifeless> will make it a .update(map(lambda x:'OOPS-' + x, oopsids)) instead
10:47:19 < wgrant> Thanks.

review: Approve (code)
15. By Robert Collins

Don't lowercase OOPS- when adding it to a query lookup.

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