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lp:libv4l bug 1 Development 2020-01-08 13:25:39 UTC 2020-01-08
4364. v4l2-compliance: add tests for invali...

Author: Hans Verkuil
Revision Date: 2020-01-08 13:25:39 UTC

v4l2-compliance: add tests for invalid ioctls

Add tests to check the behavior of the V4L2/media frameworks
when receiving incorrect ioctls.

A recent kernel patch caused a regression where a malformed
_IOC_NONE ioctl could cause a kernel crash. These tests will
catch such regressions in the future.

Signed-off-by: Hans Verkuil <>

lp:~libv4l/+junk/packaging 1 Development 2018-10-18 19:12:12 UTC 2018-10-18
81. Sync with v4l-utils 1.16.1-1

Author: Gregor Jasny
Revision Date: 2018-10-18 19:12:12 UTC

Sync with v4l-utils 1.16.1-1

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