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62c9679... by Max Katsev <email address hidden> on 2018-02-01

Improve SSL performance by avoiding excessive memory allocations

6d5625e... by arvid Norberg on 2017-07-12

use the official boost.config header

c074e87... by arvidn <email address hidden> on 2017-08-10

back-port fix for long URLs from RC_1_1

dc2726e... by Johan Gunnarsson on 2017-08-08

Fix typo in ufloat16

gcc 7 prints this warning without the patch:

In file included from /tmp/include/libtorrent/torrent_info.hpp:61:0,
                 from test.cc:38:
/tmp/include/libtorrent/policy.hpp: In member function ‘libtorrent::ufloat16& libtorrent::ufloat16::operator=(int)’:
/tmp/include/libtorrent/policy.hpp:87:16: warning: ‘<<’ in boolean context, did you mean ‘<’ ? [-Wint-in-bool-context]
     m_val = (v << 3) || (exp & 7);

1c6025e... by arvid Norberg on 2017-07-12

add_torrent_params file_priorities is not affected by flag_override_resume_data

8736a59... by arvid Norberg on 2017-05-22

fix faulty fix to enum_routes

bda4fd6... by arvid Norberg on 2017-03-12

fix build with newer boost

ecd20f1... by sledgehammer999 on 2017-02-19

Move include into implementation instead(from #1702).

7638183... by Arvid Norberg <email address hidden> on 2017-02-13

fix ABI compatibility issue introduced with preformatted entry type (#1702)

fix ABI compatibility issue introduced with preformatted entry type

4e90eb1... by arvid Norberg on 2017-02-04

bump version to 1.0.11