Last commit made on 2020-04-12
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ee9735f... by Cas on 2020-04-12

Remove mistake commit

Try to fix the following warning but don't think it was correct fix:

dpkg-gencontrol: warning: package python-libtorrent: substitution variable
${python:Provides} unused, but is defined

bcb30cb... by Cas on 2020-04-12

Fix Python 3.8 install on Focal

The m ABI flag is no longer used in Python 3.8 so don't try to
wildcard match with it: https://bugs.python.org/issue36707

Also fixed a few deb warnings

c2e13a2... by Cas on 2019-06-04

Cleanup debian files

- Remove reference to rasterbar as this is no longer mentioned by
libtorrent, other than for package naming.
- Update watch rule for github releases
- Removed outdated README.Debian

5ccbcd8... by Cas on 2018-11-15

Fix Boost 1.67 Python 3 issue

Added a boost version check and modifying prefix to lookup
boost_python lib.


5786514... by Cas on 2017-01-17

Update paths for /usr/lib/[i386/amd64]/ install

b3d6943... by Cas on 2017-01-17

Remove python dpg package install files

b086c2d... by Cas on 2017-01-17

Use explicit dh_strip dbgsym in rules

f74d9a8... by Cas on 2017-01-15

Move to dbgsym packages

dabb8d7... by Cas on 2017-01-15

Update control file fields

6b9096c... by Cas on 2017-01-15

Update compat version