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86. By Kwang Yul Seo


I ported libmms to win32. I compiled libmms trunk with MSVC 6.0 and tested
it against gstreamer 0.10.17 with gstramer libmms plugin in
gstreamer-plugins-bad. The following command seems to work fine.

gst-launch-0.10.exe playbin uri=mms://wms.andrew.cmu.edu/001/pausch.wmv

In order to make libmms portable across many platforms, I used glib. Please
review the attched patch and let me know if there are things to be modified.
By the way, I tried to upload the patch to the launchpad project site, but I
couldn't find where to upload it.

Kwang Yul Seo

85. By Soren Hansen

Fix warning about nested comments.

84. By Soren Hansen

s/this/instance/g to make g++ happier.

83. By jwrdegoede

New autogen.sh which just calls autoreconf, to satisfy make dist

82. By jwrdegoede

Bump version to 0.4 for release

81. By jwrdegoede

Small bugfix to 64 bit off_t handling, which might be necesarry to get it to compile on some systems.

80. By jwrdegoede

2007-12-11 Hans de Goede <email address hidden>

 * Remove out of date (not working with recent autotools) autogen.sh,
   use: "autoreconf -i -f -v" instead.

79. By jwrdegoede

2007-12-11 Hans de Goede <email address hidden>

 * Better tracking of seekable state in mms.c, return immediately
   from the seek functions when they gat called on a non seekable

78. By jwrdegoede

2007-12-11 Hans de Goede <email address hidden>

 * Do some minimal sanity checks on the information parsed from the
   asf header.

77. By jwrdegoede

2007-12-11 Hans de Goede <email address hidden>

 * Add mmsx.c / .h, mmsx.c is a small wrapper around mms.c and mmsh.c
   The mmsx functions provide transparent access to both protocols
   so that programs who wish to support both can do so with a single
   code path if desired.

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