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764bff2... by Lenny on 2019-09-12

updated .gitreview

Change-Id: Ibf5d16646c3d9e6ff8f7adafbf449f5f61fb7dfb

c837225... by Moshe Levi on 2019-09-08

remote ethtool and ip link from rootwrap

Change-Id: I9173ee97cbbf236cf9018abb9661bfc0a2ad7e5c

d2b0cf1... by Adrian Chiris on 2019-09-05

Change cache maintenance config opt default

This change modifies `enable_multi_interface_driver_cache_maintenance`
config opt default to True for the obvious reason that we rather have
this enabled by default than having to specify this in a config opt.

Change-Id: I98c12772ec1b8bc69d070a7a67db283c9148fe83

50bbc9d... by Adrian Chiris on 2019-08-21

Fix deadlock of read and write lock taken by the same thread

NetworkCache get() method, in case of a cache miss called
put() method with the newly fetched network object via rpc.

Since SafeNetworkCache simply wrapped the calls with a rw lock,
it caused a dead lock in case of a cache miss since a get operation
would also put.

Proposed fix is to split the get and put logic of NetworkCache.get
into two and re-implement get in SafeNetworkCache.

Unit-test which uses a real lock in case of cache miss was

Change-Id: I94fe2bcea80bb32d2c8ff8ed67194e860fd93ea9

7bc3079... by Zuul <email address hidden> on 2019-08-15

Merge "Add support for binding normal ports"

d5a6624... by Adrian Chiris on 2019-07-02

Add support for binding normal ports

To support L3 (DHCP, Routing, Floating Ip) services
over Infiniband fabric, it is required that the L2
driver to support binding of normal ports.

- Internal ports only: router(non-dvr), dhcp, floating ip
- Add configuration option to enable this functionality
- Add configuration option that defines a list of physnets
  to perform the binding for normal ports. This is intended
  to allow co-existance of both eth and ib fabrics when one
  would like to use the sdn mechanism driver to configure VLANs
  for switches on one physnet but doesnt want normal ports
  to be binded to this mechanism driver.

Change-Id: Ie11af47891273982d6c9eec92637e87affa37595
TODO: Add unit tests & documentation

1248619... by Zuul <email address hidden> on 2019-08-14

Merge "remove unused and make executable"

8747455... by Moshe Levi on 2019-08-14

remove unused and make executable

Change-Id: Ie94a6f964eb3b9f149be78e5b70485f4852260c1

4728de8... by Moshe Levi on 2019-08-14

add checks from neutron pylint and fix them

Change-Id: I9186c65b80d50759261530f9e01e6bb2f1d8a83c

4d004ac... by Zuul <email address hidden> on 2019-08-14

Merge "Add multi interface driver"