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Thomas Molloy (lderan) wrote :

> In the gmusicbrowser test;
> I take it you want the window to be the only one?
> windows =
> self.assertTrue(len(windows) == 1)
Yes, that is correct

> This is ok, but note that mainWindow.title will never change as it's already
> set (well, the app could change it, but I don't think that's what we're
> looking for here :-) ) I'm not exactly sure you need the eventually here, but
> if so you should ensure you get the window as part of the lambda function.
> mainWindow = windows[0]
> self.assertThat(lambda: mainWindow.title,
> Eventually(Contains('gmusicbrowser')))
Okay shall approach it differently :)

> Reviewing several apps at once is a bit hard; ideally split these up in the
> future :-)
Yup will do, I can get rid of this mp and do each on individually.

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