Last commit made on 2023-02-16
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15d3b42... by Colin Watson

Run pyupgrade

Merged branch ~cjwatson/lazr.sshserver:pyupgrade
fe11942... by Colin Watson

Pin breezy<3.3.0 on Python 3.6 to avoid build failures

e2c58b8... by Colin Watson

Update pre-commit hooks

Includes fix for

All code changes were automatic.

Merged branch ~cjwatson/lazr.sshserver:pre-commit-update
e4702d3... by Colin Watson

Avoid uncontrolled log file opened by BrzTestCase.setUp

Merged branch ~cjwatson/lazr.sshserver:drop-py2
42b1c08... by Colin Watson

Drop Python 2 support

It seemed best to port the Bazaar logging interaction tests to Breezy
rather than dropping them. (When I initially disabled them on Python 3,
Breezy hadn't had its initial release yet.)

90b3196... by Colin Watson

Require importlib-metadata on Python < 3.8

We've used it since lazr.sshserver 0.1.12, but forgot to add the

Merged branch ~cjwatson/lazr.sshserver:require-importlib-metadata
78bf7f8... by Colin Watson

Release lazr.sshserver 0.1.13

dceaa09... by Colin Watson

Add support for RSA keys with SHA-2 signatures

This parallels a change in,
and requires a version of Twisted with that PR in order to actually
provide this support (although it will still work as before with older
versions of Twisted).

Merged branch ~cjwatson/lazr.sshserver:rsa-sha2
e2f4e20... by Jürgen Gmach

Apply inclusive naming via the woke pre-commit hook

316d2b2... by Jürgen Gmach

Add .git-blame-ignore-revs configuration file