Code review comment for lp:~laurynas-biveinis/percona-server/5.6-merge-1

Two issues I have noticed myself after submitting the MP:

1) A small part of the XtraDB status vars have been either ported, either null-merged incorrectly. Vars that only exist as struct export_var_t declarations:
 ulint innodb_adaptive_hash_cells;
 ulint innodb_adaptive_hash_heap_buffers;
Vars that exists as struct export_var_t and are exported but apparently are not set:
 ulint innodb_dict_tables.

2) Null-merging the 5.5 threadpool-introducing revision was not entirely correct. A better course of action would have been reverting the contents of the merge and resolving the 5.6 threadpool file-ids instead. Now these differ, and will have to be resolved in a separate commit later.

I don't see neither issue as critical and warranting resubmission.

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