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62673d4... by Colin Watson

Fix check warnings

Merged branch ~cjwatson/pygettextpo:py3
a8f21eb... by Colin Watson

Add some minimal classifiers

8357007... by Colin Watson

Bump version to 0.2

I'm not sure 0.1 was ever properly released as such, but it seems best
to bump this to minimise confusion.

0973481... by Colin Watson

Port to Python 3

62fda5d... by Colin Watson

Improve error message formatting

The third argument of the tuples in error_list was always '\x01' rather
than the actual error message, and error_string was ugly in the event of
multiple errors ('\n' seems as good a separator as any, certainly better
than the empty string).

Testing the exact error messages may prove to be a problem later since
the details are subject to change in gettext, but they've been stable
across at least three Ubuntu LTS releases now, and we can adjust these
tests if future gettext releases change them.

d541c73... by Colin Watson

Use modern spelling of assertEqual

8243804... by Colin Watson

Remove support for gettext < 0.15

The old error handling code in particular is annoying to maintain, and
the oldest gettext version in any supported Debian or Ubuntu version is

b88729f... by Colin Watson

Remove obsolete comment about included gettext source

It was removed a while back.

cbb099f... by Colin Watson

Convert to setuptools

This provides a bdist_wheel target.

4a94750... by Colin Watson

Update ignores for git