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1875. By Wouter van Heyst

Remove no longer needed debuging facility.

1874. By Wouter van Heyst

Do the minimal thing to pass TestMerge.test_nested_conflicts, early out if interesting_files==[]

1873. By Wouter van Heyst

Update CompositeTree RenameFailedFilesExist exception text to match what a regular workingtree throws

1872. By Wouter van Heyst

Adjust CompositeTree.move behaviour to match WorkingTree to not require --after.

1871. By Wouter van Heyst

Allow CompositeTree.rename_one() across subtree boundaries

1870. By John A Meinel

ignore failed-test files

1869. By John A Meinel

Use a simple thunk to get renaming working for Composite trees.

1868. By John A Meinel

WT.extras() should be passing a relative path to _kind(), not an absolute path

1867. By John A Meinel

Now test_merge_split passes

1866. By John A Meinel

Cleanup split tests to use merge_from_branch instead of merge_inner,
and small cleanup of a test_transform test.

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