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76ee640... by Lars Kellogg-Stedman

use timeout from datsource config in openstack get_data

This modifies get_data in DataSourceOpenStack.py to get the timeout
and retries values from the data source configuration, rather than
from keyword arguments. This permits get_data to use the same timeout
as other methods, and allows an operator to increase the timeout in
environments where the metadata service takes longer than five seconds
to respond.

LP: #1657130
Resolves: rhbz#1408589

e227439... by Jeremy BĂ­cha

Fix minor docs typo: perserve > preserve

a3daf18... by Lars Kellogg-Stedman

Use dnf instead of yum when available

Recent fedora releases use "dnf" instead of "yum" for package
management. While there is a compatible "yum" cli available, there's
no guarantee that it will be available.

With this patch, cloud-init will check for /usr/bin/dnf and use that
if it exists instead of yum.

rhbz: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1194451
LP: #1647118

e55ff8f... by Scott Moser

validate-yaml: use python rather than explicitly python3

The change here is to use '/usr/bin/env python' in validate-yaml.py
as all other tools/*.py do.

Additionally, change the Makefile to invoke validate-yaml.py with
the python that it has selected for other things (PYVER).

a1b185d... by Scott Moser

Get early logging logged, including failures of cmdline url.

Failures to load the kernel command line's url (cloud-config-url=)
would previously get swallowed. This should make it much more
obvious when that happens. With logging going to expected places
at sane levels (WARN will go to stderr by default).

7fb6f78... by Scott Moser

release 0.7.9

Bump the version in cloudinit/version.py to be 0.7.9.

125a53b... by Scott Moser

doc: adjust headers in tests documentation for consistency.

This just makes headers in doc/rtd/topics/tests.rst consistent with
other rst files, as the comment in doc/rtd/index.rst suggests.

48bef03... by Scott Moser

pep8: fix issue found in zesty build with pycodestyle.

pycodestyle has better checking for 2 lines blank lines.
This failed to build on zesty as a result.

Patching this here, and filed bug 1652329 to fix it more permenantly.

f53fc46... by Wesley Wiedenmeier

integration test: initial commit of integration test framework

The adds in end-to-end testing of cloud-init. The framework utilizes
LXD and cloud images as a backend to test user-data passed in.
Arbitrary data is then captured from predefined commands specified
by the user. After collection, data verification is completed by
running a series of Python unit tests against the collected data.

Currently only the Ubuntu Trusty, Xenial, Yakkety, and Zesty
releases are supported. Test cases for 50% of the modules is
complete and available.

Additionally a Read the Docs file was created to guide test
writing and execution.

b2a9f33... by Jon Grimm

LICENSE: Allow dual licensing GPL-3 or Apache 2.0

This has been a recurring ask and we had initially just made the change to
the cloud-init 2.0 codebase. As the current thinking is we'll just
continue to enhance the current codebase, its desirable to relicense to
match what we'd intended as part of the 2.0 plan here.

- put a brief description of license in LICENSE file
- put full license versions in LICENSE-GPLv3 and LICENSE-Apache2.0
- simplify the per-file header to reference LICENSE
- tox: ignore H102 (Apache License Header check)

Add license header to files that ship.
Reformat headers, make sure everything has vi: at end of file.

Non-shipping files do not need the copyright header,
but at the moment tests/ have it.