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960c287... by Lars Kellogg-Stedman

net: support both ipv4 and ipv6 gateways

Previously, cloud-init would throw an exception if an interface had
both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses and a default gateway for each address
family. This change allows cloud-init to correctly configure
interfaces in this situation.

LP: #1669504

4bb60d5... by Scott Moser

tools/ds-identify: look at cloud.cfg when looking for ec2 strict_id.

In the interest of speed I had skipped the parsing of
/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg for the ec2 strict_id setting. In hindsight
it seems reasonable for people to put settings there.

05afe04... by Scott Moser

tools/ds-identify: disable vmware_guest_customization by default.

ovf_vmware_guest_customization defaults to true in cloud-init, meaning
that such customization is disabled. We just missed a return value
causing ovf_vmware_guest_customization to effectively default to on.

Also, when looking for setting look at /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.
This had been omitted in interest of performance, but we should
be looking there.

83606ae... by Scott Moser

tools/ds-identify: ovf identify vmware guest customization.

cloud-init by default sets 'disable_vmware_customization' to True.
So in ds-identify, we will enable the ovf datasource if:

 - virt is vmware
 - 'libdeployPkgPlugin.so' exists as installed by vmware-tools or
 - disable_vmware_customization is configured to True

5dd5b2c... by Scott Moser

Identify Brightbox as an Ec2 datasource user.

Brightbox will identify their platform to the guest by setting the
product serial to a string that ends with 'brightbox.com'.

LP: #1661693

9bb55c6... by Scott Moser

DatasourceEc2: add warning message when not on AWS.

Based on the setting Datasource/Ec2/strict_id, the datasource
will now warn once per instance.

131b6f1... by Scott Moser

ds-identify: add reading of datasource/Ec2/strict_id

ds-identify will now read this setting, and thus allow the user
to modify ds-identifies behavior via either:

  1. builtin setting here cloud-init/ds-identify builtin
  2. ds-identify config (/etc/cloud/ds-identify.cfg)
  3. system config (/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/*Ec2*.cfg)
  4. kernel command line (ci.datasource.ec2.strict_id=true)

56f6687... by Scott Moser

tools/ds-identify: add support for found or maybe contributing config.

A check function that returns found or maybe can also now
return config that will be written to the resultant /run/cloud.cfg.

They do so by setting the variable _RET_excfg.

e0efe85... by Scott Moser

tools/ds-identify: read the seed directory on Ec2

This just adds checking of the Ec2 seed directory.

cff1335... by Scott Moser

tools/ds-identify: use quotes in local declarations.

The following can have cause issue:
  FOO="bar ; wark"
  showit() {
     local b=$FOO
     echo $b

  4: local: ;: bad variable name

The answer is just to use more quotes.