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16f531c... by Lars Kellogg-Stedman

net: do not raise exception for > 3 nameservers

log a warning rather than raising ValueError if we see more than three
nameserver addresses.

LP: #1670052

c81ea53... by Scott Moser

ds-identify: move default setting for Ec2/strict_id to a global.

Rather than having the dscheck_Ec2 just know the setting, move
it up to a more formal declaration. This will make it look more
clean when a distro carries a patch to change it to warn.

d914ed8... by Scott Moser

ds-identify: record not found in cloud.cfg and always add None.

On a 'not found' result, was not being written at all.
That had the unintended effect of '--force' not working.
Now, on a 'not found' result:
 - if reporting: write the list as found (with just 'None').
 - if not reporting: only report that there was nothing found.
   this means that the warning cloud-init will write about ds-identify
   failing to find a datasource will be written, but cloud-init will
   still search its fully configured list.

79db2e2... by Scott Moser

Support warning if the used datasource is not in ds-identify's list.

If ds-identify is in report mode, and the datasource that is found
is not in the list, then warn the user of this situation.

51a2455... by Scott Moser

tools/ds-identify: make report mode write namespaced results.

Now, when ds-identify runs in report mode, it still writes to
/run/cloud-init.cfg as search does, but it will namespace the
result under the top level 'di_report' entry.

ade8c2e... by Scott Moser

Move warning functionality to cloudinit/warnings.py

This moves the warning code that was added specifically for
EC2 into a generic path at cloudinit/warnings.py.

It also adds support for writing warning files into the
warnings directory to be shown by Z99-cloudinit-warnings.sh.

33518d7... by Scott Moser

Add profile.d script for showing warnings on login.

Z99-cloudinit-warnings.sh can be dropped into /etc/profile.d.
Warnings that are written to /var/lib/cloud/instance/warnings
will be displayed to the user on stderr when they log in.

ce63e63... by Scott Moser

Z99-cloud-locale-test.sh: install and make consistent.

Modify upstream packaging to install this file, which was
already installed in ubuntu packaging.

Also, white space changes from tabs to spaces. Very few things
in cloud-init are tabs now.

Lastly, remove the executable bit on this as ait is not necessary.
Scripts in /etc/profile.d do not have executable bit.

4bb60d5... by Scott Moser

tools/ds-identify: look at cloud.cfg when looking for ec2 strict_id.

In the interest of speed I had skipped the parsing of
/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg for the ec2 strict_id setting. In hindsight
it seems reasonable for people to put settings there.

05afe04... by Scott Moser

tools/ds-identify: disable vmware_guest_customization by default.

ovf_vmware_guest_customization defaults to true in cloud-init, meaning
that such customization is disabled. We just missed a return value
causing ovf_vmware_guest_customization to effectively default to on.

Also, when looking for setting look at /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.
This had been omitted in interest of performance, but we should
be looking there.