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b6f2778... by Iain Lane

data/list-oem-metapackage: Handle bad apt indexes

apt.Cache() can fail if the apt lists can't be parsed for whatever
reason. Handle that and exit 0 so that update-notifier continues.

A consequence of being in this state is that we can't find any oem
metapackages if any are applicable. If the indexes become good again
then we'll find them next time.

LP: #1913726

175f2b8... by Iain Lane

data/list-oem-metapackage: Drop unused logging import

58c4ec4... by Iain Lane

data/list-oem-metapackages: Run black

b1ab789... by Iain Lane

Finalise changelog

7557834... by Iain Lane

Update changelog

10209cd... by Iain Lane

control: Move ubuntu-drivers-common dep to update-notifier

It's only needed when launching update-manager, which happens from
/usr/bin/update-notifier which is in the update-notifier package. Having
it in update-notifier-common causes ubuntu-drivers-common and all its
deps to be pulled in on all flavours, even ones without update-manager.

LP: #1912496

5f82aa4... by Iain Lane

Finalise changelog

b61dca1... by Iain Lane

Update changelog

db7e779... by Iain Lane

List OEM metapackages before invoking update-manager

Before invoking update-manager, run a helper script to figure out if
there are any oem-*-meta packages which apply to this system. These are
enablement packages maintained by Canonical which install any tweaks
required by a particular piece of hardware.

The script takes care to exit quickly if it's been run before or if
the system is already enabled.

It uses ubuntu-drivers' python interface, so we need to add a dependency
to make sure that is available.

There will be a companion change in update-manager to consume this list.

37c48d7... by Balint Reczey

Merge branch 'esm-product-url-renaming' of https://git.launchpad.net/~chad.smith/update-notifier