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a175dd8... by Dave Jones on 2018-11-01

Merge pull request #58 from waveform80/1799843_nucd_sysinfo

Allow bad chars in system vendor files (LP: #1799843)

ad801b2... by Dave Jones on 2018-10-30

Add a test for broken UTF-8 when reading text files

30fe064... by Dave Jones on 2018-10-30

Placate the latest version of flake8

Disable the "line break after operator" warning (seeing as there's
warnings for both after *and* before ... we'll stick to after thanks!)
and fix up all the non-raw regexes which should be raw

6254f3d... by Dave Jones on 2018-10-29

Allow bad chars in system vendor files

And while we're at it, clean up some of the mess in fs.py: there's
almost no circumstances where we want landscape client to fall over
because a text file has invalid UTF-8 (the original function before the
py2/3 split had no such circumstances that'd lead to decoding errors).
Furthermore, read_binary_file's limit was wrong when positive (not that
anything called it with a positive limit) and read_text_file defeated
the purpose of having a limit by permitting an arbitrarily large read
even when one was set.

93a3b47... by Simon Poirier on 2018-10-19

report packages from security-pocket (#57)

666cd32... by Simon Poirier on 2018-10-03

Clear hash id database on package resync. (#56)

* Clear hash id database on package resync.

This should avoid loop when inconsistencies are present in the database
through either corruption or server-restore. (LP: #1616116)

e5e0865... by Dave Jones on 2018-09-03

Merge pull request #55 from waveform80/1670291_reboot_means_reboot

Reboot means reboot! (LP: #1670291)

13cbce8... by Dave Jones on 2018-09-03

Addressing merge comments

ca6fea2... by Dave Jones on 2018-08-23

Updated tests for shutdownmanager

52d3f92... by Dave Jones on 2018-08-22

Try a bit harder when /bin/shutdown fails

Attempt /sbin/poweroff or /sbin/reboot in the event that /sbin/shutdown
fails to operate. This appears to work even in partially broken
environments (like a post-trusty release-upgrade where upstart has been
replaced with systemctl).