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a10c244... by Simon Poirier on 2018-05-18

Handle unicode apt-sources-replace (LP: #1771443) (#48)

Support both unicode and bytes content for apt-sources-replace,
as content should be unicode, but can be passed as bytes after a client
upgrade from python 2.7

dbfd74c... by Dave Jones on 2018-05-11

Merge pull request #47 from waveform80/1499104_permit_simfs

Add simfs to the whitelist of "stable" file-systems

d8cb79e... by Dave Jones on 2018-05-03

Add simfs to the whitelist of "stable" file-systems

This is the file-system that OpenVZ instances appear to use for their
storage. Without simfs in the list, clients are unable to see disk usage
via the landscape client. (LP: #1499104)

dcabc66... by Dave Jones on 2018-04-23

Merge pull request #46 from waveform80/928933_no_output

Return non-blank message when tasks already performed

1ee5def... by Dave Jones on 2018-04-18

Fix #928933

In the case that all tasks have already been (e.g. by external
processes), return a meaningful message rather than nothing.

8e52e1d... by Simon Poirier on 2018-04-09

Override the apt progress pulse(). (#45)

This should remove the tracebacks under python3 + bionic. (LP: #1758529)

e08cd1a... by Simon Poirier on 2018-03-22

Extend vm_info detection to other dmi fields. (#44)

Scan sys, bios and chassis DMI to detect hypervisor (LP: #1754073)

7fa981c... by Pan Linux (test) on 2018-03-15

Merge pull request #43 from CanonicalLtd/default-plugins-manpage

Which plugins are used by default is explained elsewhere

c179bae... by Andreas Hasenack on 2018-03-15

Which plugins are used by default is explained elsewhere, no need to get into
details here.

d4c2b53... by Pan Linux (test) on 2018-03-08

Remove landscape from motd take 2 (#42)

* Revert "Remove landscape from motd (#41)"

This reverts commit 57802e873721a64797d1eccab977e8be26cc1d12.

* Remove LandscapeLink from the list of all plugins so it's not used by

* Add test for LandscapeLink not being in the list of default plugins.

* changelog

* Adjust manpage and its source.