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d5c3741... by Dave Jones on 2018-07-31

Merge pull request #51 from waveform80/1765518_tags_with_rock_dots

Permit environments containing unicode chars for script execution

48216d2... by Dave Jones on 2018-07-31

Fix tests in envs without certain LC_* vars

Tests failed on Travis as the environment lacks LC_CTYPE, but included
LC_ALL and LANG. Vars are now copied only if the environment actually
contains them.

ecec2f4... by Dave Jones on 2018-07-27

Tidy up ternary if in the dict-comprehension

13ec0f5... by Dave Jones on 2018-07-25

Include LC_ALL in env vars passed thru

At least the test suite uses it, and certain production setups may too
(for whatever reason)

91a94da... by Dave Jones on 2018-07-25

Get tests passing on python 3

Oh encoding! Thou art a slippery eel of a target, 'specially when
dealing with an unholy mish-mash of python 2 and 3

aa0b3a7... by Dave Jones on 2018-07-25

Encode server supplied env unicode for scripts

Client should pass locale vars (LANG, LC_CTYPE) down to executed
scripts, and appropriately encode any unicode strings the server
supplies for the environment according to Python's

(LP: #1765518)

d173a81... by Dave Jones on 2018-07-25

Add tests for unicode in server-supplied env

(LP: #1765518)

256ad02... by Simon Poirier on 2018-07-13

Set LANG in sysinfo wrapper. (#50)

Set LANG in sysinfo wrapper.

Avoid encoding errors scanning process (LP: #1780071)

7f98306... by Simon Poirier on 2018-06-19

Avoid leaking memory through unused twisted logs. (#49)

Twisted default log initialization is to use a 64k lines deque buffer,
each referencing the log_source objects, thus keeping a large amount of
references to twisted objects and keeping them from being collected.

This initializes the twisted logging to drop that buffer. (LP: #1685885)

a10c244... by Simon Poirier on 2018-05-18

Handle unicode apt-sources-replace (LP: #1771443) (#48)

Support both unicode and bytes content for apt-sources-replace,
as content should be unicode, but can be passed as bytes after a client
upgrade from python 2.7