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8+Crackly is an overly-simplistic prototype of adding .desktop file support to
9+Snappy. It's really more-or-less a research project for allowing Clicks and
10+Snaps to run alongside each other on the current phone image.
12+Snap is Click's successor, but it's not quite ready for prime-time yet (i.e. it
13+can't completely replace Click just yet). We don't want phone app developers to
14+be caught unaware when the phone OS moves from Clicks to Snaps, so we'd like a
15+period of time where Snaps can be run alongside Clicks to allow for a smooth
16+migration. This research is currently being done within Crackly. Specifically,
17+Crackly has only two capabilities: installing and removing Snaps. It uses
18+Snappy to do this, but adds the following capabilities:
20+- Prevents installation of Snaps containing services. The reasons for this are
21+ twofold:
22+ 1. Unrestricted services will kill the battery (which is why Click services
23+ aren't allowed either), and
24+ 2. Snappy services utilize systemd for their lifecycle management, and the
25+ Phone images are still based on vivid (i.e. Upstart).
26+- Adds the capability to generate (very basic and prototypical) .desktop files
27+ for Snap binaries upon install that are supported by the rest of the Phone and
28+ Desktop ecosystem. These .desktop files are placed in
29+ /usr/share/applications/.
31+Note that, if testing this on the phone, it needs to be mounted RW so that snaps
32+can install into /apps and .desktop files can be placed in


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