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627. By Harald Sitter on 2015-01-29

Add upstream_KRecursiveFilterProxyModel-Fixed-the-model.patch
from upstream fixing incorrect filtering in a number of cases
LP: #1415291

626. By Harald Sitter on 2015-01-29

Readd kdelibs5-plugins depends on katepart

625. By Philip Muškovac on 2014-11-25

Sync with archive:

* Remove katepart from the kdelibs5-plugins depends to allow kate to build
* Merge with Debian Git, remaining changes:
  - libkio5, libkhtml5, only suggest kdelibs5-plugins
  - kdelibs5-plugins only suggests kde-runtime
  - kdelibs5-dev should not have perl depends
  - no build-dep on libaspell-dev, aspell
  - no build-dep on libfam-dev
  - don't apply kconf_update_migrate_from_kde3_icon_theme.diff
  - kdelibs5-plugins.install:
    drop usr/share/kde4/apps/kconf_update/kdeui.upd
    and migrate_from_kde3_icon_theme
  - kdelibs5-plugins: recommend ttf-dejavu-core instead of ttf-dejavu to save
    CD space.
  - dh_fixperms: exclude /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/fileshareset
  - Don't set KDE4_USE_ALWAYS_FULL_RPATH, support for it was removed
    ages ago (see kdelibs commit fe998d735cfa02a36cc527c290a2eab7a320106c)
  - Remove build-dep on libsoprano-dev and shared-desktop-ontologies to
    stop nepomuk being built, replaced by baloo
  - Remove nepomuk library packages and depends
  - don't use patches which do not apply hurd_support.diff,
  - don't use use_dejavu_as_default_font.diff as we use Ubuntu font
[ Thorsten Glaser ]
* Fix symbols for x32 (Closes: #760333)
* Manually fix symbols files.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6, no changes needed
* Update symbols files from buildds logs (4:4.14.2-1).
* New upstream release (4.14.2).
* Update symbols files from buildds logs (4:4.14.1-1).
* Remove upstream applied patch: skip_kmountpointtest_if_no_mtab
* Remove upstream patch: upstream-copyjob.cpp.diff
* Update symbols files.
* New upstream release (4.14.1).
* New patch: skip_kmountpointtest_if_no_mtab
* New upstream patch: upstream-copyjob.cpp.diff
* Update symbols files from buildd logs (4:4.14.0-1).
* New upstream release.
* Update symbols files with the 4:4.13.3 build logs.
* Remove upstream patches.
* Refresh patches.
* Update symbols files.
* Update symbols with the buildds logs.
* New upstream patch: upstream_use-dbus-system-bus-name-instead-of-
  pid.patch (Closes: #755814) Fixes: CVE-2014-5033
[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Update symbols files with 4:4.13.1-1 build logs.
* New patch: fix_solidlex_destroy_signature.patch. (Closes: #749227)
  Thanks to Michael Tautschnig.
* New upstream release. (Closes: #752052, #749769)
* Refresh patches.
* Update symbols files.
[ Pino Toscano ]
* Switch the libpng12-dev build dependency to libpng-dev.

624. By Scarlett Clark <email address hidden> on 2014-10-10

New upstream release

623. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-09-22

Release to utopic.

622. By Scarlett Clark on 2014-09-17

New upstream release

621. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-08-21

* Update symbols files for armhf.
* Build using the default GCC everywhere.

620. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-08-20

Release to utopic.

619. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-08-14

New upstream release

618. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-08-01

Release to utopic.

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