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11. By Aditya V

* debian/extra/vorbistagedit:
  - allow support for .oga, .ogv, .ogx, and .spx files (LP: #313529)
  - make '-v' option show version (LP: #1005273)
  - show usage and exit with code 1 if no arguments given (LP: #1005278)
* debian/extra/vorbistagedit: add information about OGG extensions

10. By Aditya V

* debian/patches/fix_xiph_url.diff:
  - Fixed link in 'vorbiscomment' manpage (LP: #954529)

9. By Alexander Sack

build --without-kate; avoid MIR for kate/liboggz (LP: #641322)

8. By John Ferlito

* New upstream release. (Closes: #575677)
  - remove patches/for_upstream-manpage_typos.diff.
  - remove patches/upstream_r14728-speex_format_validation.diff.
  - remove patches/upstream_r14957-ogg123_stop_decode_on_closed_buffer.diff.
  - remove patches/upstream_r14982-ogg123_man_page_http_only.diff.
  - ogg123 thinks any file it opens is seekable. (Closes: #528802)
  - oggenc confuses minimum and maximum bitrate. (Closes: #333437)
  - Files encoded with oggenc show a false min/max bitrate. (Closes: #333442)
  - vorbiscomment manpage is unclear about clearing tags. (Closes: #417606)
  - time overflow in oggenc. (Closes: #437093)
  - ogg123: duhk at the end of files.ogg. (Closes: #425549)
  - please support replaygain. (Closes: #362530)
  - /usr/bin/oggenc: Please escape dashes in the manpage. (Closes: #264365)
  - vorbis-tools: [INTL:hu] New Hungarian translation. (Closes: #272037)
* Allow global tag editing in vorbistagedit. (Closes: #507230)
* debian/compat
  - Moved to version 7
* debian/control
  - Added ${misc:Depends}.
  - Bumped dependency on debhelper to 7.0.50~.
  - Depend on libao >= 1.0.0
  - Depend on libvorbis >= 1.3.0
* Added debian/docs
* Moved to debhelper 7 style dh rules
* Add source/format, 1.0

7. By Alexander Sack

rebuild rest of main for armel armv7/thumb2 optimization;

6. By Clint Adams

Remove myself from Uploaders.

5. By Clint Adams

* Bump to Standards-Version 3.8.0.
* Refresh upstream_r14957-ogg123_stop_decode_on_closed_buffer.diff and
  upstream_r14982-ogg123_man_page_http_only.diff to -p ab.
  closes: #484961.

4. By Dato Simó

* Include vorbistagedit script from martin f. krafft to edit vorbis tags in
  an editor. (Closes: #357421)

* Build with LFS, without touching configure.ac this time, as adviced by the
  submitter. Submit however debian/patches/for_upstream-largefile_support.diff
  to upstream, together with dean gaudet's include_config_h_everywhere.patch.
  (Closes: #364527)

* Fix typos in manpages spotted by A Costa. (Closes: #353184, #353185)

3. By Jesus Climent

* Authorized NMU.
* Modified alsa to mention alsa09 (although the device might be nowadays
  alsa, back, since alsa1.0 has been already released). (Closes: #258286)
* Modified the manpage/help message for vorbiscomment to make it a bit more
  userfiendly: Closes: #252531.
* Added oggdec to the long description field, so that it triggers apt-cache
  searches: Closes: #274894.
* Typos in manpages: Closes: #302150.
* Escaped dashes in manpage: Closes: #264365.
* Quiet option is actually with -Q, not -q (Closes: #211289) Reported
  upstream but patched for Debian.
* Change input.wav with inputfile, since we accept flac-formated files:
  Closes: #262509.
* Translation bits:
  * Updated translation hu.po: Closes: #272037.
  * French translation correction: Encodage -> Codage (Closes: #248431).
  * debian/rules: remove .gmo's to avoid clash with uploaded tarball.

2. By Chris Cheney

* New upstream. (Closes: #90852, #103707, #104366, #107898, #108803, #113855, #114730, #115859, #117091)
* added autotools target (config.* updater) to rules

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