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MySQL Replication Listener
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47. By Mats Kindahl on 2011-08-01

Patch to fix issues related to parsing transport URLs.
- Added unit tests for create_transport and
  fixed problems discovered.
- Rewrote create_transport:
  - Removed restriction to 20 characters file name.
  - Removed unnecessary dynamic memory allocation
  - Added default 3306 for port
- Fixed TCP URL parsing:
  - Empty user or hostname was accepted, which
    should not be accepted.
- Fixed file URL parsing:
  - Disallowed user and host instead of treating
    them as part of the file name.
  - File URLs according to spec accept host part,
    but we do not accept that currently.
- Binlog_file_driver::get_position() did not return
  file name correctly.
- Binlog_tcp_driver constructor initialized members
  twice. Moved initialization to initializer list.

46. By Mats Kindahl on 2011-08-01

This patch adds:
- Proper decoding of user-defined variables.
- Two example programs, basic-1 and basic-2, that uses
  user-defined variables to rewrite query strings.
- The old example program example_1.cpp was removed

45. By Mats Kindahl on 2011-07-29

This patch does the following changes:
- Add an option to allow the test suite to
  be built without tests that require a server.
- Fixing an error in how the unit tests were added,
  causing them not to be added if Google Test was
  successfully downloaded in an earlier run.
- Adding a set of basic tests that the parser for
  the transport URI works correctly.
- Added new test containing just tests of the
  transport creation function.

44. By Mats Kindahl on 2011-07-24

Merging with trunk.

43. By Mats Kindahl on 2011-07-24

Adding correct copyright notice to all files
and fixing the COPYING file.

42. By Mats Kindahl on 2011-07-22

Removing a direct construction call of std::length_error.

41. By Mats Kindahl on 2011-07-18

- Adding install destinations for all files that are to be installed.
- Updating README file.
- Adding CPack support (and a stub for debian packaging).
- Moving mysql2lucene from tests/ to examples/

40. By Nirbhay Choubey <email address hidden> on 2011-06-30

WL#3283 - C/C++ API to binary log

* Moved parse_event to the parent class.
   - The function is place in binlog_driver.cpp.
* Placed some assertion checks.
* Minor code beautification.

39. By Nirbhay Choubey <email address hidden> on 2011-06-29

WL#3283 - C/C++ API to binary log

Fix for the bug in which replaybinlog segfaulted
on 32-bit platform.

38. By Nirbhay Choubey <email address hidden> on 2011-06-25

WL#3283 : C/C++ API to binary log

* Added tests for binlog file reader.
* Switched to stat(2) to get the file size.
* Using memcmp instead of strcmp.
* Removed m_correction_bytes, m_size_before_desc_event.
* Using event_length instead to next_position to get
  to the start of the next event in 'default' case.

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