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kobe (kobe24-lixiang) wrote :

At first, I add code to trunk, but it depends on libaccounts-glib. In the source list, I can't get the package with the requested version.
So I get the libaccounts-glib code from launchpad to build package. There is still a problem about the build-depends requestment "automake (>=1:1.13)". Maybe there is other problem in my progress.
My system is UbuntuKylin 13.04, and I can't solve the question. So I had to use libaccounts-glib-13.04 and account-plugins-13.04.Then, there is no any problem.
I need your help to tell me what I shoud do if i use the trunk code.
Kobe Lee.

At 2013-06-08 11:57:27,"Ken VanDine" <email address hidden> wrote:
>Review: Disapproveroatures should be targeted to trunk. Please resubmit the proposal against lp:account-plugins
>You are the owner of lp:~kobe24-lixiang/account-plugins/13.04.

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